2-letter combos shared by 3 countries

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Can you name the country trios whose names contain a 2-letter combination not found in any other country?

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ComboCountry trio (A-Z)Continent of each country (in order)
JIAfrica - Oceania - Asia
POEurope - Europe - Asia
IGNorth America - Africa - Africa
ZISouth America - Africa - Africa
AKAsia - Asia - Europe
IEEurope - Africa - Asia
SEAfrica - Europe - Africa
UDNorth America - Asia - Africa
ComboCountry trio (A-Z)Continent of each country (in order)
IVSouth America - Africa - Asia
KOEurope - Asia - Asia
FRAfrica - Europe - Africa
PEAfrica - South America - Africa
ETAfrica - Europe - Asia
UGEurope - Africa - South America
JAAsia - North America - Asia
HUAsia - Europe - Europe

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