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Where is Peggy from?
What street do the Bundy's live on?
What is Bud's full first name?
What network was 'MwC' originally broadcast on?
What is the name of the dog Buck was reincarnated as?
How many seasons of 'MwC' were made?
What number did Al wear as a high school football player?
What two last names does Marcy go by during the series' run?
What popular sitcom is 'MwC' the antithesis of?
What high school did Al play for?
What is Al's favorite nudie magazine?
What does 'NO MAAM'stand for?
What is the name of the theme song?
What is the name of Marcy's niece, who makes in an appearance in several episodes?
Name 1 of the 5 hardcore 'NO MAAM' members other than Al
What woman's protest of the show led to boosted ratings?

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