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Areas of land becoming desert
Before an act is passed in parliament it is a what?
What is a word for not being able to read or write
The slaves in the triangle trade were what ethnic group
New Zealand's voting system (abbreviated)
Northernmost point of the South Island
North Islands Easternmost point
What does CE stand for after a year
The line around the centre of the world is the what?
New Zealand's 3rd largest Island
The interisland Ferry passes through which Sounds
Largest city in the Hawke's Bay
The ability for a resource to sustain itself
North Islands Northernmost point
A local area represented by an MP
The Southern Boundary of the tropical region
New Zealand's Largest Lake
The 2nd Largest Ocean in the World
Australia's Capital City
New Zealand's highest mountain range
A government where citizens choose leaders by voting
All graphs, maps and diagrams need a what at the top?
The city is hosting the 2016 Olympic Games
The continent which includes Egypt
Ocean between Africa and Australia
Acronym for what maps need
The house where the government and opposition debate laws
The country to the west of Egypt
The Northern boundary of the tropical regions
Mountain you can see from New Plymouth
Southernmost Continent
What is another word beginning with T for banning alchol
To protest something by not taking part in it
Includes Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England
The continent that includes Spain
A resource not influenced by humans
A government ruled by a king or queen
First Country to use democracy, home of Plato
The Ocean New Zealand is in
Someone forced to flee their home
Prime minsiter most important group of advisors

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