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Can you name the Sport Teams with 2 Consecutive Champion?

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World Series1907-1908
World Series1910-1911
World Series1915-1916
World Series1921-1922
World Series1927-1928
World Series1929-1930
Stanley Cup1930-1931
Stanley Cup1936-1937
World Series1936-1939
Stanley Cup1947-1949
World Series1949-1953
NBA Finals1952-1954
Stanley Cup1954-1959
Stanley Cup1956-1960
FIFA World Cup1958 & 1962
NBA Finals1959-1966
World Series1961-1962
Stanley Cup1962-1964
Stanley Cup1965-1966
Super Bowl1967-1968
Stanley Cup1968-1969
NBA Finals1968-1969
World Series1972-1974
Super Bowl1973-1974
Stanley Cup1974-1975
World Series1975-1975
Super Bowl1975-1976
Stanley Cup1976-1979
World Series1977-1978
Super Bowl1979-1980
Stanley Cup1980-1983
Stanley Cup1984-1985
Stanley Cup1987-1988
NBA Finals1987-1988
Super Bowl1989-1990
NBA Finals1989-1990
Stanley Cup1991-1992
NBA Finals1991-1993
World Series1992-1993
Super Bowl1992-1993
Super Bowl2004-2005
NBA Finals2009-2010

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