US Companies with Highest Return on Equity (2008-2012)

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Can you name the public US companies with highest average return on equity (2008-2012)?

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ROE (5y)CompanyIndustry (Mkt.Cap.)
370%Business Services (11B)
116%Office Supplies (1.5B)
103%Restaurants (32B)
93%Personal and Household Prods. (52B)
92%Aerospace and Defense (55B)
88%Tobacco (156B)
84%Non-Metallic Mining (2.5B)
77%Personal and Household Prods. (6B)
76%Furniture and Fixtures (1B)
73%Food Processing (11B)
67%Business Services (1.5B)
65%Business Services (49B)
64%Food Processing (16B)
60%Computer Services (240B)
60%Aerospace and Defense (30B)
58%Recreational Products (6B)
58%Food Processing (19B)
57%Personal and Household Prods. (7.5B)
53%Oil and Gas Operations (4B)
52%Computer Services (2.5B)
51%Investment Services (3.5B)
49%Retail (Apparel) (16B)
48%Biotechnology and Drugs (1.5B)
ROE (5y)CompanyIndustry (Mkt.Cap.)
48%Coal (3B)
47%Oil and Gas Operations (1.5B)
47%Misc. Capital Goods (3B)
47%Printing and Publishing (16B)
46%Computer Hardware (17B)
45%Constr. and Agric. Machinery (6.5B)
45%Metal Mining (31B)
44%Retail (Apparel) (32B)
44%Food Processing (18B)
42%Aerospace and Defense (8B)
40%Trucking (2.5B)
40%Software and Programming (248B)
39%Retail (Apparel) (14B)
37%Investment Services (2B)
37%Business Services (12B)
37%Trucking (7B)
36%Retail (Apparel) (11B)
35%Chemical Manufacturing (3B)
35%Retail (Apparel) (2B)
35%Chemical Manufacturing (1B)
35%Chemical Manufacturing (16B)
34%Investment Services (3B)
34%Beverages (Nonalcoholic) (110B)
ROE (5y)CompanyIndustry (Mkt.Cap.)
34%Consumer Financial Services (60B)
34%Personal and Household Prods. (34B)
34%Furniture and Fixtures (1B)
34%Misc. Transportation (10B)
34%Communications Equipment (1.5B)
33%Semiconductors (10.5B)
33%Retail (Apparel) (14B)
32%Computer Services (2.5B)
32%Constr. and Agric. Machinery (2.5B)
32%Personal Services (4.5B)
32%Oil Well Services and Equipment (9.5B)
32%Beverages (Nonalcoholic) (170B)
32%Computer Services (4B)
32%Software and Programming (2.5B)
32%Business Services (3.5B)
31%Personal and Household Prods. (3B)
31%Communications Equipment (10B)
31%Software and Programming (1B)
30%Constr. - Supplies and Fixtures (65B)
30%Chemical Manufacturing (5B)
30%Chemical Manufacturing (13B)
30%Restaurants (95B)
30%Oil and Gas Operations (7.5B)

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