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DescriptionCharacterChar. in Real Life
Dissapointed by her marriage, she remarries towards the endFictional
A psychiatrist about sex and society in AmericaReal
Very wealthy collector but cannot find true meaning in his lifeReal
Goes nutsFictional
Journalist and advocate of the poorReal
A social activist who calls out EvelynReal
Actually finds success after leaving New YorkFictional
Has to deal with Coalhouse's rampage on Morgan's libraryFictional
Mother's Younger Brother's ObsessionReal
Has a child but ends up dying soon afterFictional
DescriptionCharacterChar. in Real Life
Explains how all he fought for will go to waste with Coalhouse's rampageReal
Has to remake a car in front of a crowd of people by himselfFictional
Loves doing magic tricksReal
Can make bombsFictional
Prostitutes herself for moneyFictional
Visits North Pole, comes back to find his family in a much different wayFictional
Invents assembly lineReal
Gets murdered on top of a buildingReal

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