24: The 24 Best 24 Villians Ever

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Can you name the Villians that have caused chaos throughout 24?

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Season Villian Alive/Killed
4/5/6Still Alive/Russian Intelligence
1/2/3Executed by Jack in CTU
1/2/3Killed by Julia Millaken
4Committed Suicide/Jumped off Car Garage
4 Killed by Marwan
1/2/4Still Alive/Tried to kill David Palmer
3Killed by Theresa Ortega (Gael's Wife)
1/2/4/5Still Alive/Against David palmer
5 Executed by Jack on Russian Ship
2Still Alive/Worked with Syed Ali
5 Still Alive/Bad within Homeland
6Hung by Jack Bauer
Season Villian Alive/Killed
1Killed by Jack Bauer on Ship
1Killed by Jack Bauer on Ship
3Killed by an exploding cannister
3Killed by Ramon Salazar
1Killed by Jack Bauer in Woods
1/2/3/4/5/7In Prison b/c of Allen Wison
2Killed by Jonathan Wallace
1/2/3Killed by Jack Bauer after Saunders Demands
6Still Alive/ In US Prison
6Killed by Philip Bauer in own house
6Killed by Jack Bauer/Left on Oil Rig
2Head chopped off by Jack

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