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This process is when you take 1 egg, fertilize it, and make 96 egg
How Linda died
Training of an individual to respond to a stimulus in a particular way
John's place of refuge
John's weapon used against the reporter
Where Pope found the Shakespeare book
Man who teaches John how to mold clay
How children are indoctrinated in their sleep
John quotes what famous playwright?
method by which children are indoctrinated by fear
Color of highest caste
How people are 'born' in the World State
Crosses have been replaced by this symbol
Lenina's monogamous partner
Act of deciding an individual’s fate or destiny for him
Name of the Author
How John died
Name of the drug that subdues the people
What destroyed civilization?
Guy who brings Linda mescal
Name of John's biological father
John's viviparous mother
What children get on death days
Who stabbed Pope?
Lenina's class
Random TriviaAnswer
Where those who know too much are sent
Makes 150 eggs in 2 years
Lowest caste
Better than Bernard
Places that the World State hasn't 'civilized'
Denizen of the World State who is short for an Alpha
What are the Epsilons deprived of?
The Shakespearian play that led to the book's title
Man named for a fascist Italian dictator (il duce)
City in which the novel takes place
The new ways to watch movies, seen as morally wrong by John
What allows people to feel fear and rage
John's love interest
Henry and Lenina play what together?
Motto of the World State
When everyone has each other at the same time
Where Linda died
World Controller of Western Europe
What John/The Savage claims
Lenina's best friend
The feely that John and Lenina see
'Deity' of the World State
Bernard and Helmholtz's class
This was rumored to be put in Bernard as he was being created
Place of John's birth

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