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QuoteCastaway Season
'What?! I'm just lying here. You know, in the hammock.'Vanuatu
'I've got the $1 million check written down already.'Borneo
'Blindsided, NICE! Now THAT'S how you vote someone off!'Guatemala
'We'll chop them off like poop.'Cook Islands
'It's just a ***ing stick!'Micronesia
'Who is this jack***?'Tocantins
'2 seconds with Stephenie, I throw up, 2 seconds with Jamie, I need to punch him in the mouth.'Guatemala
'they must have eaten a steroid sandwich'Heroes Vs. Villains
'Any 37 year old man who thinks he's a dragon slayer belongs in a mental institution'Tocantins
'She screwed with my chickens.'Cook Islands
'I think I found my little crack!'Vanuatu

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