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Power/ AbilitiesCharacterAllegiance
Control over ALL forms of EnergyX-Men: The First Krakoa Team
Creation and Control Of IceX-Men
Telekinesis, TelepathyX-Men
Ability to Fly at nearly the Speed of Light, Animation of the InanimateAlpha Flight
Control over Rock and EarthX-Men: The First Krakoa Team
Pachyderm Appearance, Expulsion of Corrosive Stomach Acid via MouthBrotherhood
Enhanced Strength, Speed, Durability, Reflexes, and Senses,Flight X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants
Ability to Generate Duplicates of HimselfX-Factor Investigations
Body Acts as Storehouse for large amounts of Psychic EnergyX-Men, Weapon X
Control of the WeatherX-Men, Morlocks
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Cyborg Implants on left side of bodyX-Men, X-Force
Robotic Programming for Tracking Mutants, Numerous Different WeaponsGovernment
Mystically enhanced Strength and Durability from Cyttarok GemExcalibur, X-Men
Lights KnivesX-Men
Amphibious Qualities such as Secretion and an Elongated TongueBrotherhood
Minor TelepathyShi'ar Empire, Starjammers
MagnetismX-Men, Acolytes
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Astral ProjectionX-Men, Excalibur
Six Arms, Telportation, InvisibilitySisterhood of Mutants, Mojo
Psionic Mind PossessionX-Men, New Mutants
Telepathy, Vast Psionic AbilitiesX-Men
Various Superhuman Abilities, Olympic Trained Gymnast, HealingWeapon X, X-Factor, Alpha, Omega, and Gamma 'Flights'
Shapeshifting Granting immunties to poison and toxins and the aging processBrotherhood
Teleportation to Areas Within SightX-Men, Excalibur
Expulsion of Thermo-Chemical Energy, FlightX-Men, X-Force, New Mutants
Power Negation (Shutting-Off Powers)Morlocks
Vast Array of Mutant Abilities including Shapeshifting, Near Immortality, and Energy Aborption Himself, Alliance of Evil, Horsemen of ____________
Generates Nuclear Fire, FlightX-Men, Horseman of Apocalypse
Superhuman Strength, Flight; Derives Energies from FrictionExcalibur, Hellfire Club
Limb and Tissue Regeneration, Strength, HypnosisHimself, ______ World (Alt. Dimension)
Battle Suit Allows Tectonic Energy and Release of it in the Forms of Numerous PhenomenaAlpha Flight
Telekinetic Katana, Formerly: Precognition, Telepathy, Mental Bolts, Illusions and Mind ControlX-Men, Sisterhood of Mutants, Excalibur
Ability to Charge Objects with Kinetic EnergyX-Men, Horsemen of Apocalypse
Heightened Reflexes, Animalistic AppearanceX-Men
Creation and Ability to Explode Plasma 'Fireworks'X-Men
Psionic Control over Fire Brotherhood
Power/ AbilitiesCharacterAllegiance
Telepathy, Black Hole Leading to Alternate Dimension in Head, Ability to Survive without OxygenX-Men
Superhuman Strength and Endurance derived from Stores of Kinetic EnergyX-Factor Investigations, X- Factor
Control over TimeX-Men: The First Krakoa Team
None Superhuman, Military Training, Starship PilotStarjammers
Increased Luck, Psychometry, Strength, AgilityX-Men, X-Factor Investigations
Telepathy, Illusions, Diamond FormX-Men
Butterfly Wings, Pixie DustX-Men
Ability to Syphon Energy, Life Force, Memories and Abilities through Skin Contact X-Men, Brotherhood, X-Treme X-Men
Control of all forms of MagnetismHimself, Brotherhood of Mutants, Acolytes
Speed and Durability, Flight, Light ManipulationX-Men, Alpha Flight
16 foot Feathered WingspanX-Men
Robotic Implants and Long Adamantium ClawsSisterhood of Mutants, Reavers
Inter- Dimensional Teleportation, Time Travel, Astral ProjectionNew Mutants
Superhuman InventionX-Men, X-Factor
Superhuman SpeedBrotherhood, Avengers
Mutant Genetics ExpertiseMuir Islanders
Ionizes Matter into Super Heated Plasma StateX-Men
Teleportation (Teleporting Device), Mastery of Numerous Martial Art FormsWeapon X, Heroes For Hire
Teleportation to AnywhereExiles (AOA), X-Men
Converts Sound Into Light BeamsX-Men
Extraction of Life EnergyBrotherhood, Acolytes
Absorption and Redirection of EnergyX-Men, Xavier Security Enforcers
Probability ManipulationX-Force
Absorbs Solar Energy and Metabolizes it into Physical Strength, Heat and RadiationNew Mutants, X-Force
Flashes of the FutureBrotherhood
Enhanced Hearing, Sonic Screams, Mach 1 FlightX-Factor Investigations, X-Force
High Level Telepath and TelekineticX-Men, Brotherhood
Political Influence, Training in the U.S. MilitaryU.S Senate
Telekinesis, Hypnosis, Psionic Life DrainHellfire Club: The Inner Circle
Extreme Obestiy Granting, Endurance, Strength and ResilienceBrotherhood
Tachyon Energy Filed Generated Around SwordHydra, Clan Yashida
Realease, Absorption and Detonation of PlasmaNew Mutants, X-Force, Trainee in X-Factor
Heightened Reflexes, Animalistic AppearanceX-Men, Morlocks, Gene Nation
Brilliant Tactician, Attributes Enhanced by Heart Shaped HerbAvengers, Wakandan Royalty
Vibrating Waves causing RockslidesBrotherhood
Power/ AbilitiesCharacterAllegiance
Involuntary Psioplasmatic Field when ThreatenedX-Men
Superhuman Strength, Speed and DurabilityX-Men
Generates Psionic ExoskeletonX-Men
Reality Warping, Hex EnergyBrotherhood, Avengers
Uncontrollable Optic BlastsX-Men
Flight, Strength, Concussive Blasts from handsAvengers, U.S. Air Force
Adamantiun Claws that shoot from Wrists, Healing of Damaged Bodily TissueX-Men
Ability to Change Body by Shedding Layers of SkinX-Men
Portal to Dark Force Dimension, Teleportation through the PreceedingX-Men
Flight, Sonic ScreamsX-Men
Ability to Control Lava, FlightNew Mutants
Telepathy, Clones of Emma FrostHellfire Club
Absorption and Redirection of Kinetic EnergyHellfire Club: The Inner Circle
Generates Bone Weapons from SkeletonX-Men, Morlocks
Illusion Generation, Astrally Creates Arrows and other ObjectsX-Men, Xavier Institute Faculty, New Mutants, X-Force
Ability to Pass through Solid Objects and Mechanical DisruptionX-Men, Excalibur
Tentacles, Heightened Strength, Agility, and Hunting AbilityMorlocks
Retractable Claws, Fangs, Healing Factor,Weapon X, Brotherhood
Manifests Weapons and Sheilds, Vast Computing PowersItself, Xavier Institute
Mach 1 Flight and Concussive Blasts Derived from Battle Suit Alpha Flight
Constant Adaption to Conditons Around HimX-Men: The First Krakoa Team
Absorbs Cosmic Energy, Energy BlastsX-Men
Age Suppression from Experimentation, Possibility of Healing Factor, Excellent MarkswomanWeapon X
Dragon-Like Build allows Flight and Fire ExhalationX-Men, Excalibur
Shapeshifting into Wolf-Like Humanoid, or Full WolfX-Force, New Mutants
Telepathy, Astral Projection, Mental Possession of Human Body Necessary to SurviveHimself, Located: Astral Plane
Magnetism, Clone of MagnetoX-Men
Adamantium Claws in Hands and Feet, HealingWeapon X, X-Men
Toothed Beak, Twelve Foot Wingspan, Pteradactyl Appearance, Life DrainingWeapon X, Savage Land Mutates
Combined Powers of Prof. Xavier, Magneto and Franklin RichardsSentinel Army
Enhanced Durability and Lifespan, Genius-Level IntellectMarauders, Weapon X
Copying of Mutant's PowersX-Men
Twin Slugs make up digestive system, PsychometryX-Men
Generates Blasts of Concussive Force or Heat by using Wood as the Focus for His PowerBrotherhood
Ability to Transform Oraganic Metal Tissue X-Men

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