Periodic Table Similarities

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Can you name the element symbols that both resemble and neighbour each other?

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SimilaritySymbolsAtomic #
Same second letter2-10
Same second letter18-36
Same first letter31-32
Same second letter34-52
Same second letter35-36
Same first letter44-45
Same first letter46-78
Same first letter47-79
Same second letter49-50
Same first letter50-51
Same second letter56-88
SimilaritySymbolsAtomic #
Same first letter59-91
Same second letter61-62
Same first letter71-103
Same second letter76-108
Same second letter95-96
One letter added16-34
Form another word for 'belonging to'8-9
Form another word for 'annoying'84-85
Form an old spelling of some offensive word33-34
Form a 'cord for fastening a shoe'57-58

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