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Harry Truman was born in what state?
He served as an army officer in what war?
He married this person in 1919.
Truman was elected to what office in 1934?
He was elected Vice President of the United States in what year?
He assumed the office of president in 1945 upon the death of this person.
Japan surrendered after Truman ordered the use of this weapon.
Truman recognized what state in 1945?
To the surprise of many, Truman defeated this person in 1948.
His Vice President was...
In 1948 Truman ordered the integration of what?
In 1950 war broke out on this peninsula.
Truman entered the war in order to defend which country?
In 1951 Truman fired this popular general.
Because of ongoing renovations at the White House Truman lived in this residence for much of his presidency.
It was at this temporary residence that Truman survived what?
The last Secretary of State to serve in the Truman administration.
After signing a new bill into law at the Truman Library, President Lyndon Johnson gave Mr. and Mrs. Truman the first two _ cards.
In this year Harry S. Truman died at what age?

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