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Can you name the answers to the question: 'Is it The Rock or Steve Austin that...'?

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Refereed a match between Batista and Chris Jericho in 2008?
Was once a member of the Million Dollar Corporation?
Once used the Cobra clutch as their finisher?
Had more matches in the WWE (826 to 710)?
Had a match with The Undertaker on the night of Owen Hart's death?
Is Taller (6 ft. 5 to 6 ft. 2)?
Once used the running shoulderbreaker as their finisher?
Defeated Billy Gunn in a 'Kiss My Ass' match at SummerSlam 1999?
Guest starred in the That '70s Show episode 'That Wrestling Show'?
Faced Ric Flair (in a tag match) at WrestleMania?
Is the son of a Canadian?
Is a seven-time WWE Champion?
Was once known as 'Stunning'?
Was publicly challenged to a match by Goldberg during the Monday Night Wars?
Wrestled in ECW for a year?
Was the first to win the Tag Team title with Mick Foley?
Is 2-1 in their WrestleMania matches?
Won their match at Backlash 1999?
Held the WWE Championship more recently?
Appeared in more PPV Main Events (38 to 27)?
Has more wins against Triple H (13)?
Released his autobiography first?
Was trained by his own father and Pat Patterson?
Hosted Saturday Night Live first?
Was once scheduled to lose a match to Jonathan Coachman (but left before it could happen)?
Was Known as 'Flex Kavana' before arriving in WWE?
Used 'Jesus Christ Superstar' as an entrance theme before arriving in WWE?
Once referred to The Big Show as 'The Big Slow'?
Was regularily told to die by fans in 1997?
Defeated Mankind at Survivor Series 1998?
Has won more WWF Title matches at WrestleMania (3 to 0)?
Attacked the McMahon family after his match at WrestleMania 2000?
Participated in a match that aired during the SuperBowl?
Once cut a promo that included the line 'I’m gonna show everyone here exactly what a true superstar is supposed to do,... Because no-one here can hold me back.'
Lost the Intercontinental Title to Owen Hart in 1997?
Wrestled in WCW before arriving in the WWF?
Was trained by 'Gentleman' Chris Adams?
Held the Tag Team Championship with Triple H?
Lost the Tag Titles to the pairing of Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit?
Lost the WWE Title to Kurt Angle at No Mercy 2000?

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