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Can you name the real wrestling gimmick out of the two possibilities?

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a) 'Punjabi Playboy' or b) 'Pittsburgh Playgirl'?
a) Woman with no ear b) Woman with obstructive facial blemish?
a) Human shark or b) Human squid?
a) 'The Grimacing Man' or b) 'The Laughing Man'?
a) Laser tag enthusiast or b) Paintball enthusiast?
a) Wrestlers dressed as penises or b) Wrestlers dressed as ears?
a) De-thawed caveman or b) Time travelers from 2002?
a) 'The Fat Dude Thriller' or b) 'The Fat Chick Thriller'?
a) '40s Bluesman or b) '80s Heavy Metal superstar?
a) Bullfighter or b) Dogfighter?
a) Circus acrobats or b) Circus freaks?
a) Crazy New Zealanders or b) Crazy Brazilians?
a) Evil Fairy or b) Evil Leprechaun?
a) Dominatrix or b) Sexual surrogate?
a) Wrestling choir boys or b) Wrestling nuns?
a) Queen of the trailer park or b) Queen of England?
a) NASCAR driver or b) Auto mechanic?
a) Carnie or b) Bus driver?
a) Centaur or b) Minotaur?
a) Religious zealot or b) Cross-burning athiest?
a) Evil newscaster or b) Late night talk show host?
a) One-legged wrestler or b) One-armed wrestler?
a) Revenge-seeking prison inmate or b) Revenge-seeking drug dealer?
a) Hindu Monk or b) Christian Monk?
a) Wrestler with ADD or b) Stutterer?
a) Amnesia-affected wrestler who thinks he's a sailor or b) Amnesia-affected wrestler who thinks he's the President?
a) Buddy Holly impersonator or b) Elvis impersonator?
a) KISS Roadie or b) KISS Demon?
a) Evil Finnish environmentalist or b) Evil Swedish industrialist?
a) Censorship encouragers or b) Cowbell encouragers?

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