Real or Fake Wrestling Gimmick?

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Can you name the real wrestling gimmick out of the two possibilities?

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a) Beetlejuice or b) Edward Scissorhands
a) Sex slave or b) 40-year old virgin?
a) Sasquatch or b) Yeti
a) Prison gang or b) Biker gang
a) Vampire faction or b) Werewolf faction
a) Prince impersonator or b) Michael Jackson impersonator
a) Evil clown or b) Friendly serial killer?
a) Diabetic or b) Dyslexic?
a) Hindu priest or b) Voodoo priest?
a) Candyman or b) Ice cream man
a) Park ranger or b) Mountie
a) Evil insurance agent or b) Evil taxman
a) Three Mile Island survivor or b) Holocaust survivor
a) Lumberjack or b) Coal miner
a) Piano player or b) Violin player
a) Tennis player or b) Golfer
a) Anthropomorphic turkey or b) Anthropomorphic bear?
a) Evil Easter Bunny or b) Evil Santa Claus
a) Sharkboy or b) Lavagirl?
a) Evil dentist or b) Evil chiropractor?
a) Violent football player or b) Violent hockey player
a) Man who enjoys shaking his behind or b) Man who enjoys shaking his foot
a) Bell enthusiasts or b) Glue enthusiasts?
a) Chuck Berry impersonator or b) Little Richard impersonator?
a) Garbageman or b) Sanitation commissioner
a) Yukon Lumberjacks or b) Texas oilmen
a) Male cheerleaders or b) Male ballet dancers?
a) French warrior or b) Viking warrior
a) Dorothy or b) Wizard of Oz?
a) Electrician or b) Plumber?

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