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Can you name the storylines which happened in the WWF/E and which are fake?

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StorylineReal or fake?Involved wrestlers
We're a gay tag team, let's get married on television and... No wait, we're not gay. It was a publicity stunt all along!
To get under your skin, I'm going to accuse you of necrophilia. Then I'm going to film a segment where I mimic such an act.
You pretended to be me and legally changed my name to something profane. I'm challenging you to a match where the loser must use said name.
I need a blood transfusion, but the only person with a matching type is my worst enemy. Let's have a match to see if I can have you're blood.
I just won the WWE Title, so I am going to have a sex celebration in the ring
You said we would go see a movie together, but you went with someone else. I was looking forward to that movie, damn it!
Let's have a match to determine the greatest country on Earth: Mongolia or Luxembourg!
I went on a date with your friend, but it was a man in drag!
You insulted me on twitter. Now we must have a 'Winner controls the loser's twitter account' match
You are my son's biological father and now you want custody of him. Let's hang the custody papers above the ring and duke it out!
I have multiple personalities, so I formed my own stable. Depending on who shows up, I could be a World Champion, a jobber, a 70-year-old manager, a tag team, a Diva...
You kidnapped my father, I must have my revenge!
You, my nefarious manager, gave me an insulting ring name. Now I've left you, and I'm on my own. I'll show you, I'll continue to use that insulting ring name!
You burned me alive. Now I'm back and ready for revenge.
I love one guy, but you are my baby's father. Let's have a match to determine who I marry.
I am a man, yet I am somehow pregnant...
I am Christian. You are Jewish. Let's fight to determine the best religion.
I was fired, now I'm back under a mask pretending to be someone else.
You think we need more censhorship. I want to rebel and strip naked!
I was a world famous chicken farmer, until you invaded my farm and ate them. Let's have a 'there ain't nobody here but us chickens' match.
You, the evil company head, wanted me on your show. I said no, so you created a show where ex-cons fought each other and sent the winner to attack my brother. That's low.
You had sex with my wife, so now I must chop off your penis.
You married my father, then he died from having too much sex.
You stole my pet and now he likes you better than me. Let's fight for control of him!
I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist. Still, I'm going to get a bunch of masked men to attack someone.
StorylineReal or fake?Involved wrestlers
You killed my best friend in a match, now we must fight to the death over his grave!
You sprayed perfume in my eyes, temporarily blinding me. Let's have a blindfold match!
You married my wife's daughter, thus making me my own grandfather. You must pay!
It wasn't me that lost that championship match, it was my evil twin! He kidnapped me and took my place! That jerk is always showing up to ruin things for me.
You burned all the hair off my body. That hurt, you jerk!
You are having colon surgery, so I am going to film a segment where I act like I'm giving you said surgery
You stole my recipe for meatballs. This will not stand!
We were going to be married, but you left me at the alter in order to get a promotion. That wasn't very nice!
You killed my beloved pet, then fed him to me.
I'm an American prison guard, you're a Canadian Mountie. Let's fight!
I was once a promising tennis player before you broke my hand. Revenge shall be mine!
I stole your burritos but they were laced with laxative, giving me diarrhea.
I am a cannibal and you look delicious. Let's have a match where if I win, I get to eat your leg.
I'm always acting drunk, and now a wrestler is trying to take my spot in a tag team. I think I'll kill myself.
You cheated and took my belt from me and now I can't hardly get work wrestling. You took my girl and you took my job!
You don't know who I am but I know who you are. You had sex with my mother and then you stole my dad's money. He got angry and he killed my mother and then he killed himself too.
My father died, and you decided to show up at the funeral and steal his casket.
We're both the proud parents of 5 year old wrestling prodigies. But, my kid is better than yours. Let's make them fight!
You stole my wrestling mask and ate it for dinner. I liked that mask.
You believe in God, so I am going to make you have a match with God as your tag team partner.
I went to get a tattoo, but you pretended to be the tattoo artist, and gave me a giant tattoo of your face on my back.
You got my girlfriend pregnant, now she's having an abortion. You should pay for it!
A beloved wrestler just died. I'm going to steal his famous car and destroy it!
I just found out my lost son is a midget. 'Comedy' ensues.
You put a voodoo curse on me. Now I can't stop vomitting.

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