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Can you name the storylines which happened in WCW and which are fake?

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StorylineReal or fake?Involved wrestlers
You broke our deal, now I want my (literal) pound of flesh... Which I will then eat.
I want to feud with Jay Leno, so I'm going to host my own talk show where I tell bad jokes and rip him off.
My opponent is a vegetarian and I love meat. I'll challenge him to a match where, in order to win, you must slaughter a cow.
I'm bored. I think I'll kidnap someone for no reason and throw them from an airplane.
I like women, so I'll think I'll become 'the fat chick thriller'.
Those evil script writers wanted me to dress like a dragon. I'll show them! I'll blow up their houses.
I was pregnant until someone kicked me in the stomach and I had a miscarriage.
You know what would be fun? If we had an 8-man match where one of the losers is forced into an electric chair and electrocuted.
I am a pornstar and the head writer of the company wants me to have sex with him. I'll fight him!
My opponent threw me off the top of a tall building. It's okay though, I survived.
My girlfriend was posessed by the devil. We have to give her an exorcism.
You killed my father. Now I want to kill yours.
My opponent is an evil scientist and he developed a potion which makes people dance non-stop.
I am an android and all I want is to kill the one who created me.
I hate a wrestler so much that I'll form a stable that includes a shark, a yeti and a leprechaun!
Chucky from 'Child's Play' has been transmitting videos of him laughing. I think I'll challenge him to a match.
Those evil wrestlers have it in for me. It's okay though, Robocop is at the event and he'll save me!
Our much-anticipated Title match ended in seconds ended when my opponent slightly touched me, and I oversold it. We were in cahoots all along!
You conducted scientific experiments on my daughter, now she's some kind of human-ape hybrid.
Our opponents are in the Caribbean playing beach volleyball. We should hire a war boat and search for them.
StorylineReal or fake?Involved wrestlers
We're time travellers from the distant future and all we want is to wrestle in WCW.
You stabbed me in the kidney, now I want yours. Lets have a match to see if I can have it.
You brainwashed my girlfriend, now she thinks she's a 95-year-old Russian man.
I hate you, you hate me. Let's have a match in a grave yard!
You attacked me, now I must have a match with you. Did I mention that my opponent is a tiger?
I'm a Hollywood actor and now I'm WCW Champion of the World!
I have assembled a team of wrestlers, and we have a computer that evaluates our opponents weaknesses.
My group likes country music, yours likes rap. This company ain't big enough for both of us!
My vicious feud with another wrestler culminated in a match where I was set on fire and thrown from a balcony.
My opponent is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. I must stop him!
I hate an announcer in the company I used to work in so much that I'll create a character that parodies him.
I'm going to kidnap your underling and convert him into my follower.
I am a womanizer. I'm going to get all the women to have a match, and the 'winner' must have sex with me.
You tree-hugging hippie. Let's have a 'loser gets tied to a sequioa for a week' match.
I stole your girl, but I can't have an erection. Let's have a 'viagra on a pole' match.
My valet gave you a pet rabbit. Because I'm evil, I want to kidnap the rabbit and eat him.
I'll prove I'm a better wrestler than you by challenging you to a 'Monster Truck Sumo match!'
You kidnapped my son and sent him to France. Rather than looking for him, I want a match with you.
You insulted my religion, now let's have a match where the loser gets crucified.
You gave me amnesia, now I'm lost in Cleveland and I think I'm a sea captain.

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