Pro wrestlers: Real or Gimmick?

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Can you name the answers to the question: 'Is the following real or part of their wrestling gimmick'?

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QuestionReal or GimmickNotes
David Otunga attended Harvard and worked as a lawyer before wrestling
Andre the Giant had a 15 year undefeated streak before losing to Hogan at WMIII
The Miz was on The Real World before entering wrestling
Nathan Jones served several years in an Australian prison
Ric Flair has held various world titles exactly 16 times
Yokozuna was a Japanese sumo wrestler
Kamala is from Uganda
Tatanka is a Native American
Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were (in the early '90s) a married couple
Kurt Angle won an Olympic gold medal in 1996
John Cena is from Massachusetts
Santino Marella was born in Calabria, Italy
In the late-'90s, Road Warrior Hawk was having substance abuse problems
Nikolai Volkoff is from the Soviet Union
Kofi Kingston is from Jamaica
Kevin Sullivan's brother Dave (or 'Evad') was Dyslexic
Goldberg's WCW winning streak was exactly 176
CM Punk is straight edge
Shawn Michaels became a born-again Christian
Abdullah the Butcher is Sudanese
QuestionReal or GimmickNotes
In the '90s, Jake Roberts became a born-again Christian
The Rock was a college and CFL football player before entering wrestling
Bret and Owen Hart are siblings
Bret Hart was screwed out of the WWF Title at Survivor Series 1997
Mr. Fuji is from Japan
Edge and Vickie Guerrero were married.
Edge and Christian are siblings
Daniel Bryan was at one point a vegan
Sheamus is from Dublin, Ireland
The members of the Anderson Family were all related
Nailz spent several years in prison
Lita cheated on her boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge
Roddy Piper is from Scotland
Steve Austin is a Texas Redneck
Eddie Guerrero is the father of Rey Mysterio's son
Mick Foley hitchhiked to New York to see Jimmy Snuka vs. Don Muraco
Big Show's father died in 1999, inspiring the Big Boss Man to act evilly
Ivan Koloff is from the Soviet Union
Drew McIntyre is from Scotland
Paul Bearer is a mortician

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