Music / Plane Crash or Overdose?

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Can you name whether the listed musician died in a plane crash or as the result of a drug overdose?

Updated Feb 2, 2016

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Musician(P)lane crash or (O)verdoseYear
Alan Wilson1971
Elvis Presley1977
Layne Staley2002
Otis Redding1967
Patsy Cline1963
Ike Turner2007
Stevie Ray Vaughan1990
Jimi Hendrix1970
Hillel Slovak1988
Ritchie Valens1959
John Entwistle2002
Glenn Miller1944
Gram Parsons1973
Janis Joplin1970
Musician(P)lane crash or (O)verdoseYear
Frankie Lymon1968
Keith Moon1978
Dee Dee Ramone2002
Jim Morrison1971
Jim Croce1973
John Denver1997
Jim Reeves1964
The Big Bopper1959
Ronnie Van Zant1977
The Rev (Avenged Sevenfold)2009
Buddy Holly1959
Ricky Nelson1985
Sid Vicious1979
Randy Rhoads1982
Mike Bloomfield1981

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