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Can you name the Characters in Dexter that were killed by Dexter Morgan?

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1-1 - 'Dexter'Raped and killed children
1-1 - 'Dexter'Killed woman in a snuff film
1-2 - 'Crocodile'Killed several people via drunk driving
1-3 - 'Popping Cherry' (flashback)Over-medicates patients with morphine
1-5 - 'Love American Style'Human trafficker, kills victims by drowning
1-5 - 'Love American Style'Accomplice to the above
1-8 - 'Shrink WrapPsychiatrist, brainwashes clients into killing themselves
1-12 - 'Born Free'Killed a number of prostitutes, then drained their blood
2-2 - 'Waiting to Exhale'Enforcer for a gang, killed at least 13 people
2-3 - 'An Inconvenient Lie'Killed at least two women
2-6 - 'Dex, Lies and Videotape'Immitated Dexter's killing methods
2-8 - 'Morning Comes'Killed Dexter's mother (among others)
2-10 - 'There's something about Harry'Murderer, on the run from the FBI
2-11 - 'Left Turn Ahead'Drug runners, tried to kill Doakes
2-12 - 'The British Invasion'Killed Doakes
3-1 - 'Our Father'Accidental killing
3-2 - 'Finding ____'Murdered two co-eds
3-3 - 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'Sexual predator, stalked Astor
3-5 - 'Turning Biminese'Murdered two of his wives
3-6 - 'Sí Se Puede'Neo-Nazi, killed multiple people
3-7 - 'Easy as Pie'None, asked Dexter to kill her
3-8 - 'The Damage a Man Can Do'[Dexter assisted, but did not kill him] Killed people to pay off debts
3-11 - 'I Had a Dream'Killed a rival lawyer
3-12 - 'Do You Take Dexter Morgan'Skinned a number of victims alive
4-1 - 'Living the Dream'Bludgeoned a man to death
4-4 - 'Dex Takes a Holiday'Police officer, murdered family
4-7 - 'Slack Tide'None, Dexter killed the wrong guy
4-11 - 'Hello, Dexter Morgan'Trucker, killed prostitute
4-12 - 'The Getaway'Killed scores of people in a ritualistic matter
5-1 - 'My Bad'A real jerk, disparaged Rita's good name (impulse kill)
5-3 - 'Practically Perfect'Helped rape, torture and murder 12 girls
5-6 - 'Everything is Illumenated'Internet stalker, killed several men
5-6 - 'Everything is Illumenated'Helped rape, torture and murder 12 girls
5-8 - 'Take It!'Helped rape, torture and murder 12 girls
5-10 - 'In the Beginning'[Dexter assisted, but did not kill him] Helped rape, torture and murder 12 girls
5-11 - 'Hop a Freighter'Accidental killing, was trying to catch Dexter
5-12 - 'The Big One'[Dexter assisted, but did not kill him] Inspired people to rape, torture and murder 12 girls
6-1 - 'Those Kinds of Things'Paramedics, let victims die so they could harvest body parts
6-1 - 'Those Kinds of Things'Killed wife
6-2 - 'Once Upon a Time...'Gang leader, has a history of 'making people disappear'
6-3 - 'Smokey and the Bandit'Infamous serial killer with 15 victim who strangled prostitutes to death
6-6 - 'Just Let Go'Killed Brother Sam
6-7 - 'Nebraska'Killed by Dexter in self defence
6-10 - 'Ricochet Rabbit'Was assisting a serial killer; Dexter mistook him for someone else
6-11 - 'Talk to the Hand'Was attempting to kill people with poisonous gas; Dexter pushed her in a room where she died from the gas
6-12 - 'This is the Way the World Ends'Rescued Dexter from the ocean, tried to rob him, was killed
6-12 - 'This is the Way the World Ends'Killed numerous people and displayed their bodies in tableaus based on the Book of Revelations
7-1 - 'Are You...?'Mobster, killed a prostitute and Det. Mike Anderson
7-4 - 'Run'Killed women while dressed as a Minotaur

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