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Can you name the countries that are shown in the TV Show Lost?

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First episodeCountryCharacter(s) to visit it
'Tabula Rasa'Flight 815 survivors
'Walkabout'Most, if not all
'The Moth'Charlie, Desmond, Charlotte, Faraday, Eko, others
'House of the Rising Sun'Sun, Jin, Hurley, others
'Solitary'Sayid, Ben, Nadia
'The 23rd Psalm'Eko, Yemi
'S.O.S.'Rose and Bernard and possibly others
'Stranger in a Strange Land'Jack
'Enter 77'Shannon, Sayid
'Greatest Hits'Charlie, Liam
First episodeCountryCharacter(s) to visit it
'Confirmed Dead'Charlotte, Ben, Locke
'Confirmed Dead'Lapidus
'The Economist'Sayid
'The Economist'Sayid, Ben
'Meet Kevin Johnson'Michael, Faraday, Charlotte, Miles, Lapidus, others
'There's No Place Like Home'The Oceanic Six
'Jughead'Desmond, Penny
'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham'Sayid, Locke, Ben
'He's Our You'Sayid, Ben, Mikhail
'Ab Aeterno'Richard

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