Obscure Countries Relative to Population

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Can you name the the 20 least-guessed countries on Sporcle, relative to their population?

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% Recognized (Rank)CountryPopulation (Rank)
40.7% (185th)15,757,000 (63rd)
59.4% (121st)162,221,000 (7th)
57.0% (132nd)50,020,000 (24th)
55.3% (138th)43,739,000 (30th)
52.8% (150th)22,894,000 (51st)
46.3% (164th)15,263,000 (65th)
52.5% (151st)19,522,000 (58th)
57.9% (128th)32,710,000 (37th)
41.8% (182nd)8,303,000 (93rd)
63.4% (96th)92,226,600 (12th)
% Recognized (Rank)CountryPopulation (Rank)
54.1% (142nd)18,498,000 (59th)
51.7% (154th)12,534,000 (71st)
45.5% (167th)8,935,000 (90th)
42.6% (179th)5,482,000 (109th)
65.9% (87th)66,020,000 (19th)
49.0% (157th)8,896,900 (91st)
57.1% (131st)12,935,000 (70th)
48.8% (158th)6,952,000 (98th)
61.3% (107th)23,837,000 (48th)
63.8% (95th)28,310,000 (43rd)

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