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Can you name the independent films from their Internet Movie Database keywords?

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undercover agent; classic rock music; tied to chair; heist gone wrong; severed ear
philosophy; Austin Texas; anarchist; hit and run; Kennedy assassination
money; answering machine; beer; fear of commitment; Las Vegas Nevada
mental institution; redneck; child abuse; homophobia; based on short film
voyeurism; yuppie; video footage; therapist; adultery
teenage girl; record collector; socially awkward; fried chicken; based on graphic novel
intentionally misspelled title; street gang; father son relationship; real estate; South Central Los Angeles
video game; drug addiction; eye removal; extraterrestrial; men in black
love triangle; actor playing himself; puppeteer; inside the mind; portal
single mother; trailer park; small town; waitress; New Mexico
kangaroo meat; attempted child murder; very little dialogue; skinny dipping; cross cultural relationship
dog fighting; slum; cemetery; hitman; Mexico City Mexico
vulgarity; salesman; contest; closeted homosexual; threat of termination
shot through wall; cowboy hat; pool of blood; extramarital affair; stabbed in the hand
unrequited love; genius; industrialist; expulsion; private school
guitar player; rat; boardwalk; mute; mockumentary
loneliness; whisper; scotch; hotel room; Tokyo Japan
clique; fake suicide; love letter; cow tipping; teen angst
Arkansas; neo noir; fugitive; interracial relationship; shootout
sheriff; haunted by past; corruption; illegal immigration; skeleton; incest
lesbian daughter; bee sting; teacher student relationship; Nebraska; student council president
illegal immigration; hotel; dead body; sexual exploitation; selling kidney
snow; grief; dead children; Canada; bus accident
African American; pigeon; Katana sword; professional killer; ice cream man
chance meeting; Paris France; horniness; book signing; reference to Nina Simone
screenwriter; murder; film within a film; blackmail; female frontal nudity
college graduation; trivia contest; beer drinking; crossword puzzle; answering machine
model train; New Jersey; sleeping in the bathtub; hot dog vendor; dwarf
high temperature; racial slur; window smashing; boom box; pizza parlor
laziness; pornographic video; found dead in the bathroom; convenience store; reference to Star Wars

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