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resort community; severed leg; male bonding; town meeting; boat accident
robot; Washington Monument; theremin; time freeze; Christ allegory
ransom; Swedish American; body in trunk; pregnant wife
sword fight; debt collector; gender disguise; rowboat; star crossed lovers
prospector; delusion; rags to riches; Mexican Army; badge
pregnant girl; father daughter relationship; reference to Diana Ross; Minnesota
epic; racism; oil field; thrown from horse; star died before release
corrupt cop; male frontal nudity; nun raped; degenerate gambler; Catholicism
father son relationship; cornfield; volkswagen bus; pacifist; hearing voices
imaginary country; barber; globe; mistaken identity; fascist spoof
stewardess; marijuana; bikini girl; AK 47; blood spatter; bail bondsman
underground carpark; presidential campaign; paranoia; investigative journalism
psychological torture; reference to Ernest Hemingway; decapititation; serial murder; mixed alphanumeric title
vigilantism; childhood friend; pedophile; loss of daughter; writing name in wet cement
forbidden love; stereo; father daughter relationship; tax fraud; kickboxing
uncle niece relationship; dark hero; racial violence; Civil War veteran; family reunion
George Washington; beer keg; last day of school; stoner; hazing; paint
Paris France; cooking; food in title; slapstick comedy; rat
archaeological dig; kicked in the crotch; dead monkey; fear of snakes; fedora
newspaper headline montage; unhappy childhood; theater critic; Spanish American War; last words
art museum; romantic obsession; hoax; fear of heights; bell tower
fictional city; clown makeup; nihilism; defenestration; star died before release
reference to Rita Hayworth; poverty; father son relationship; job; Rome Italy; bicycle
wrongful conviction; pet bird; parole hearing; rock hammer; Zihuatanejo Mexico
first communion; garotte; Havana Cuba; assassination attempt; brother brother relationship

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