Wheel of Fortune Wheel (2010)

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Can you name the Wheel of Fortune spaces in order, starting at LOSE A TURN?

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Colour of spaceValue of spaceNotes
?Was originally yellow
?A Mystery wedge in round 3
?Before the 2008-09 season, was a fluorescent green $400
?Was worth $500, then $250 prior to the 1999-2000 season
?One of only two on the wheel
?Was orange prior to 2006
?Held the Free Spin token between 1996-2008
?Was yellow-orange prior to 2006
?Has been red since 1997
?Has been pink since 1997
?Has been fluorescent green since 1997
?The first value not ending in -00.
?Has held the Million Dollar wedge since 2008-09
?Was significantly more green prior to 2006, holds the JACKPOT wedge in Round 1
?Was orange prior to 2006
?Was originally worth $600
?Was a yellow $300 prior to 2008
?Only space on the wheel to change every round.
?Was a purple $600 prior to 2009
?Has been orange since 1997
?Holds the Wild Card in Rounds 1-3 since 2007
?Has been pink since 1997
?Holds the 'Featured Prize' wedge, has done so in some form since 1997
?Has been red since 1997

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