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# of times Italy has won the World Cupsecond to Brazil
# of most receptions in an NFL gameBrandon Marshall, 2009
# of most points scored by a player in an NHL gameDaryl Sittler, 1976
# of Michael Jordan (original)changed it later to #45
# of most 3 point shots made in an NBA gameKobe Bryant, Doyell Marshall
# of most season losses for a NY Yankees pitcherJoe Lake, 1908
# of points scored (on average) on the winning side of an NFL game-
# of innings in longest MLB game White Sox win over Milwaukee Brewers (7-6)
# of prospective MLS teams in 2012currently 16, increasing to 18 in 2011
# of no-hitter games for Boston Red Sox-
# of most field goals in an NFL gameTennesse v. Houston, 2007
# of free throw misses in a game by a playerShaquille O'Neal, 2000
# of consecutive NFL season games won by the Bears 1933-34-
# of the highest seed to beat a #2 seed in NCAA (basketball)at least 4 times: 1991, 1993, 1997, 2001
# of most no-hitters by a playerNolan Ryan
# of leagues in MLB-
# of consecutive pass completionsDonavan McNabb, 2004
# of teams in Women's World Cup in 2007may expand to 24 in 2011
# of times the superbowl went to overtime-
# of most UEFA Championship (Euro Championship) winsJuventus, Liverpool, Internazionale
# of World Series appearances by L.A. DodgersBrooklyn Dodgers appeared equally as much
# of goals scored by a player in a World Cup matchArchie Thompson (Australia v. American Samoa), 2002
# of golf championships (majors) won by one personJack Nicklaus
# of most home runs in an inning by an MLB teammultiple teams
# of fouls/game allowed in NBA -
# of times Favre has retired-

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