Actors: Oscar-Nominated or Not? (part1)

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Have these people ever been nominated for an Academy Award in any of the acting categories? (updated thru 2015 movies for 2016 Oscars)

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Oscar-nominated?yes(y) or no(n)
John Wayne
Marilyn Monroe
Wesley Snipes
Charles Bronson
Harrison Ford
Natalie Wood
Rebecca De Mornay
Susannah York
Joe Pesci
Tom Laughlin
Gloria Grahame
Louise Brooks
Randy Quaid
James Brolin
Josh Brolin
Rosanna Arquette
William Shatner
Cameron Diaz
Brad Dourif
Natasha Richardson
Oscar-nominated?yes(y) or no(n)
Robert Mitchum
Karen Black
Bruce Willis
Shelley Duvall
Tuesday Weld
Amanda Seyfried
Doris Day
Steve Buscemi
David Carradine
Bonnie Bedelia
Yul Brynner
Benicio Del Toro
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Linda Darnell
Paulette Goddard
Rock Hudson
Daniel Radcliffe
Theresa Russell
Donald Sutherland
John Malkovich
Oscar-nominated?yes(y) or no(n)
Carey Mulligan
Eddie Murphy
James Woods
Meg Ryan
Jenny Agutter
Chloƫ Sevigny
John Candy
Matt Dillon
Peter Fonda
Bridget Fonda
Julie Andrews
Will Smith
Edward G. Robinson
Neve Campbell
Bill Murray
Naomi Watts
Fay Wray
Elvis Presley
Christina Ricci
Humphrey Bogart

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