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Can you name the U.S. 4-Sport Cities by players (from various sports) who play in that city?

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Ex. if the hint was "Malkin, Roethlisberger, McCutchen" the answer would be "Pittsburgh"
PlayersCityRespective Teams
Fields, Sanchez, Tavares, Wright
Jackson, Holiday, Rollins, Richards
Duchene, Gonzalez, Dumervil, Lawson
Hudson, Kane, Ryan, Crawford
Chandler, Austin, Morrow, Cruz
Drew, Doan, Frye, Wells
Blackburn, Winfield, Koivu, Love
Prince, Best, Cabrera, Franzen
Briggs, Ramirez, Noah, Sharp
Scutaro, Allen, Bergeron, Woodhead
Backstrom, Werth, Moss, Hinrich
Chalmers, Morrison, Weiss, Marshall

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