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One Mile World Record Time
Where are Aglets found?
How much does all the bacteria in your body combined weigh?
When was the Boy Scouts of America founded?
Uranus' Orbital Axis is tilted at X degrees
Order of Lights in a Traffic Light
Which US president had the 'Big Stick' policy
What has six letters, but take away one and there are twelve
Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of th Moon' was a Billboard top 100 for X weeks
KFC Double Down has how many grams of Total Fat?
What is the Average Air Speed Velocity of an African Swallow?
How many people have walked on the Moon as of 2012?
What is the Average Surface Area of the Average sized brick?
How fast does a sneeze travel?
How much more likely are Men to die in a car accident than Women?
How long is the Average Adult Giraffe Tongue?
In what year was the Ethernet Cable invented?
Who was Henry VIII's third wife?
How many times did the Soviet N-1 rocket fail?
What is the World's smallest Country?

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