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Hold my hopes under water
I want to cry out but I don't scream and I don't shout
Cause your mouth is sweeter than wine and has
I hide down in my corner because I like my corner
When the helicopter passes
And no one knows how to keep secrets 'round here
And when the birds come home in spring
Faces too blurry to make out
Yeah but you're going to do what you want to do
I am not gonna lose you
It's so good to learn that from right here
St. Joseph's Baby Aspirin, Bartles and Jaymes
And this is why Jeff, in the letters he'd write to his friend
The warning signs have all been bright and garish
The things that you've got coming
Some things you do for money
Saw your name on the sidewalk
Your love is like a cyclone in a swamp
There's a monkey in the basement
Let's beat the retreat, let's get on the plane
Rise if you're sleeping, stay awake; we are young supernovas
And indications that there's something wrong with our new house
Show up in shining colors
I'm gonna bribe the officials
I don't mean it when I tell you
And I apologize but I don't know what I love more
I shot a roll of thirty-two exposures
We watched the horses run their workouts
Feast like pagans, never get enough; sleep like dead men
You know it breaks my heart in half, in half
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Some people crash two or three times
I broke free on a Saturday morning
But we consulted maps from earlier days
The way I feel about you baby, can't explain it
The first time I made coffee for just myself
When the last days come, we shall see visions
Dream of waking up someday
It will be too late by the time we learn
Work until I drop, drift from place to place
Gold light shining on so many things
The world throws its light underneath your hair
We stank of hair dye and ammonia
And then I'm awake and I'm guarding my face
Every dream's a good dream
And I hope that if I found the strength to walk out
This song is for the rats
I hope the people who did you wrong
I was standing at the bus stop on Northeast 33rd
There are no Pan Asian supermarkets down in hell
Finishing one another's sentences
You may not like Tate's methods, but you've got to admit
Keep to ourselves mostly
Your drunken kisses as light as the air
Bad luck comes in from Tampa, on the back of a truck
Can't get you out of my head
I write down good reasons to freeze to death
Lead us to the beach by our hands
You're stirring from your slumber
And remember what we had here
And just before I leave, I throw up in the sink

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