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LocationDwemer RuinWord description
Northwest of the Shrine to PeryiteStarts with B; It is 1 word
An immense cavernStarts with B; It is 1 word
Southeast of Markarth and North of Dushnikh YalStarts with R; It is 2 words
West of Windhelm and South of Lake YorgrimStarts with I; It is 1 word
In BlackreachStarts with T; It is 3 words
North of Shor's StoneStarts with M; It is 1 word
Southwest of WinterholdStarts with A; It is 1 word
Southwest of Windhelm and between Lake Yorgrim and the White RiverStarts with R; It is 1 word
North of Riften and Southeast of MzulftStarts with K; It is 1 word
In WinterholdStarts with S; It is 2 words
Southwest of DawnstarStarts with M; It is 1 word
Southwest of Riften, on the border of SkyrimStarts with A; It is 1 word
A large Dwemer ruin behind Understone KeepStarts with N; It is 1 hyphenated word

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