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Has more cattle and sheep than people
The first state to implement a sales tax
The last state to secede during the Civil War, and first to be readmitted
Stand anywhere here, and you are within 85 miles of a Great Lake
The first state to require license plates on cars
The first battle of the Civil War took place here
Where the first English child was born in the US
The first state to fly the Confederate flag
The only state whose east and west borders are formed by rivers
Home of the deepest lake in the country
The highest peak of the US east of the Rockies is found here
Has the highest population density in the country
Its state flag is a pennant design, the only one in the US
The birth control pill was invented here
The world's first skyscraper was built here
Waited until 1987 to pass a bill making English the official language
The nation's largest water park resides here
The city with the highest lightning strike per capita is found here
Has more glaciers than the other lower 47 states combined
The only state that shares a border with one other state
Its capital is the only one without a McDonald's
It is illegal to cross the street while walking on your hands here
The first open heart surgery was performed here
Home of the oldest schoolhouse in the country
The first Pizza Hut was built here
Home of the first free public library
Home of the world's largest bridge tunnel complex
The only state with unicameral (one house) legislature
Has the largest percent of land designated for Native Americans
Has the lowest population density in the country
The first professional baseball game was played here
Has the largest grizzly bear population of the lower 48
The first state to ratify the US Constiution
Wal-mart was founded here
Has the largest economy by state
The only state to enter the US by treaty
The largest gold producing state
The largest state east of the Mississippi River
Shares a border with 8 other states, only Tennessee has the same amount
The only city built in a meteor crater is found here
Workman Compensation laws were first enacted here
The only state that grows coffee
Home of the deepest gorge in the US
Home of the World's First Rodeo
Home to the International Checkers Hall of Fame
This state does not have 'counties.' Instead they have parishes
Has the highest literacy rate in the nation
The only original colony not bordered by the Atlantic Ocean
Has the most man made lakes in the country
The first state to give women the right to vote

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