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Can you name the sports figures according to their facebook status updates?

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Dammit, injured AGAIN!! I wanna be with my wife, so 2 can become 1.
Boxers or briefs today. I hate making decisions. I'll just go commando.
Anybody know a good auto body shop? Gotta replace a window.....
Going to practice today. FML.
We were eliminated from the playoffs today. But since I'm the best player on the only good team in town, people still love me!
So we hired Pacman Jones. Now I have to coach ANOTHER player with a record....FML.
People of my sport really love me! Even if I've only won 1 race in the last 3 years.
Eliminated from playoffs today. Americans still hate me, especially ones in Pennsylvania.
Got arrested today. I can break the law as well as I do Redskin's Quarterbacks legs.
Status UpdateFigure
Cooking fish today! Inviting Kobe over so he can tell me how my bass tastes.
Work out?! Please, I make $100 million I can just buy muscles!
Turned 41 today. I hate newspapers.
Man I feel sorry for Ben Roethlisberger. Just buy em a ring and they'll get over it!
Moving away from Massachusetts. You let one ball get away from you and the whole world hates you!!
Applied for a job with the Patriots today. Denied. Something about a catch I made against them in the Super Bowl.
Fishing today! Caught a was what I thought it was, so I let it off the hook.
Found out that I lost my job while I was at the buffet. People keep comparing me to Ryan Leaf!
My son got fired today. That's what happens when you miss the playoffs and hope you can win a game.

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