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Athlete DescriptionNumberAthlete
Buffalo Bill defensive end
Toronto Maple Leaf forward
Seattle Seahawk defensive tackle
Driver of the Dewalt Ford*
New York Ranger captain
New York Giant linebacker
Brazillian soccer player
Green Bay Packer defensive end
Seattle Seahawks runningback
Houston Oilers quarterback
Houston Oiler center
Dallas Maverick forward*
Dallas Cowboy wide receiver
Los Angeles Dodger pitcher
San Antonio Spur center
Driver of the Dupont Chevrolet*
Chicago Bears linebacker*
Washington Redskins left tackle*
New York Yankee slugger
Tennessee Titan lineman
Cincinati Reds slugger
Colorado Avalanche defenseman
San Francisco 49er wide receiver
Baltimore Raven defensive tackle
Tennessee Titan defensive end*
Los Angeles King center
New England Patriot lineman
Denver Bronco quarterback
Boston Celtic forward
Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver*
Driver of the STP Dodge
Baltimore Colt quarterback
Buffalo Bill wide receiver*
Pittsburgh Penguin center
Athlete DescriptionNumberAthlete
Boston Red Sox slugger
San Franciso 49er quarterback
Denver Bronco lineman
Tampa Bay Buccaneer defensive tackle
Piitsburgh Penguin forward*
Houston Oiler lineman
Chicago Bear defensive end
Carolina Panther wide reciever*
Brooklyn Dodgers slugger
Green Bay Packer lineman
New York Met pitcher*
Boston Red Sox pitcher
Baltimore Colt defensive end
Boston Celtics center
St. Louis Rams runningback
Atlanta Braves Pitcher
Buffalo Bill lineman
Indiana Pacer shooting guard
Anaheim Angels outfielder*
Baltimore Raven linebacker*
Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman
Jacksonville Jaguar lineman
Arizona Cardinal lineman
New York Yankee pitcher*
Minnesota Vikings quarterback*
Detroit Piston Center
Miami Dolphin quarterback
Driver of the Lowe's Chevrolet*
Detroit Lion runningback
Pittsburgh Penguin right wing
Chicago Bears runningback
Triple Crown winning horse
Chicago White Sox slugger
Cincinati Bengals wide receiver*
Athlete DescriptionNumberAthlete
Pittsburgh Steeler runningback
New England Patriot quarterback*
Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver
Los Angeles Laker forward
Denver Bronco tight end
Green Bay Packers quarterback
New York Giant linebacker
Philadelphia 76er center
Indianapolis Colt quarterback*
Miami Dolphin runningback
Washington Redskins free safety
Chicago Bears left tackle*
St Louis Cardinal slugger*
Buffalo Bill wide receiver
Dallas Cowboys runningback
Dallas Cowboy defensive end
Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker
Philadelphia Phillies pitcher*
Miami Dolphin lineman
Seattle Mariner outfielder*
New York Yankee pitcher
San Francisco Giant slugger
Denver Bronco runningback
Washington Wizard guard*
Chicago Bulls shooting guard
Pittsburgh Steeler safety
Kansas City Chief linebacker
Kansas City Chief linebacker
Utah Jazz forward*
Los Angeles Laker shooting guard
Baltimore Oriole shortstop
Detroit Red Wing forward
New England Patriot linebacker*

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