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Athlete DescriptionNumberAthlete
Denver Bronco runningback
Dallas Cowboys runningback
Arizona Cardinal lineman
Boston Celtic forward
Pittsburgh Penguin center
Philadelphia Phillies pitcher*
San Francisco 49er wide receiver
San Antonio Spur center
Washington Redskins free safety
Kansas City Chief linebacker
New York Giant linebacker
Piitsburgh Penguin forward*
New York Yankee slugger
St. Louis Rams runningback
New York Giant linebacker
Los Angeles King center
New York Yankee pitcher*
Seattle Seahawks runningback
Dallas Cowboy wide receiver
Tennessee Titan defensive end*
Minnesota Vikings quarterback*
New England Patriot quarterback*
Chicago White Sox slugger
Driver of the Dupont Chevrolet*
Green Bay Packer lineman
Buffalo Bill defensive end
San Francisco Giant slugger
Boston Celtics center
Driver of the STP Dodge
Indianapolis Colt quarterback*
Brazillian soccer player
Colorado Avalanche defenseman
Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman
Tennessee Titan lineman
Athlete DescriptionNumberAthlete
Denver Bronco lineman
Pittsburgh Steeler safety
Houston Oiler center
Brooklyn Dodgers slugger
Baltimore Raven linebacker*
Los Angeles Laker shooting guard
Miami Dolphin quarterback
Detroit Piston Center
Baltimore Raven defensive tackle
Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver
Buffalo Bill wide receiver*
Pittsburgh Penguin right wing
Tampa Bay Buccaneer defensive tackle
Chicago Bear defensive end
Buffalo Bill wide receiver
Miami Dolphin runningback
Philadelphia 76er center
Dallas Cowboy defensive end
Triple Crown winning horse
Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker
New York Met pitcher*
Anaheim Angels outfielder*
Baltimore Colt defensive end
San Franciso 49er quarterback
Boston Red Sox pitcher
Chicago Bears left tackle*
Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver*
St Louis Cardinal slugger*
Houston Oiler lineman
Green Bay Packer defensive end
New England Patriot linebacker*
Toronto Maple Leaf forward
Driver of the Lowe's Chevrolet*
Seattle Seahawk defensive tackle
Athlete DescriptionNumberAthlete
Pittsburgh Steeler runningback
Washington Wizard guard*
Los Angeles Laker forward
Indiana Pacer shooting guard
New England Patriot lineman
Boston Red Sox slugger
Washington Redskins left tackle*
Dallas Maverick forward*
Baltimore Colt quarterback
Detroit Red Wing forward
Denver Bronco tight end
Green Bay Packers quarterback
Kansas City Chief linebacker
Baltimore Oriole shortstop
Cincinati Bengals wide receiver*
Utah Jazz forward*
Los Angeles Dodger pitcher
Chicago Bears runningback
Jacksonville Jaguar lineman
Houston Oilers quarterback
Chicago Bulls shooting guard
New York Yankee pitcher
Seattle Mariner outfielder*
Cincinati Reds slugger
Detroit Lion runningback
Chicago Bears linebacker*
New York Ranger captain
Atlanta Braves Pitcher
Miami Dolphin lineman
Buffalo Bill lineman
Carolina Panther wide reciever*
Denver Bronco quarterback
Driver of the Dewalt Ford*

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