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Kingsley's name on Potterwatch
What Harry writes on Dobby's grave
Marge's Dog she brings to Privet Drive
Looks after Marge's dogs
Color of Ron's Christmas sweater
Amount of Galleons Percy bets Penelope on Quidditch match
Book Ron gives Harry in Seventh book
Dean's favorite Soccer Team
Book Dumbledore gives Hermione
Horn Xeno Lovegood mistakes as a Crumple Horn Snorkack
First Quidditch announcer while Harry is at school
Announcer 2
Announcer 3
Cursed fire Crabbe creates in Room of Requirement
Muggle at gate of Quidditch World Cup
Ireland's final score in World Cup
Bulgaria's Score
Binoculars at World Cup
Dark Mark Incantation
Weasley family owl

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