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Unhelpful HintTeam
Only team to beat Montreal at Forum to win a Cup
Before they moved, Eric Lindros's 'favorite' team
One of the Staal brothers was drafted by them
Another team from New York
Usually accompanied by sound
Hey! It's a team AGAIN!
Two words: most cups
Not yellowjacket bumblebees, but...
Not the Narrow Avenue Nerds, but...
Has won 5 Stanley Cups
Named after animal in area
Derived from Windsor
Jagr-mister! :)
Sort of from New York
Named after animal near area
Unhelpful HintTeam
One of the Staal brothers (as of 2011) plays for them
Also, from New York
Has had... one coach
The 2nd-longest streak without winning a Cup belongs to these guys
Named after animal in area. Hint: 'They're extinct'
By name, might fit in Hollywood or Broadway
A team from New York
Disney may ring a bell
Rather tame name
By name, might better suit Buffalo
Been to Cup Finals thrice, lost in Cup Finals thrice
Named after animal not native to region
Named after subsection of population in city
Wayne Gretzky played for this team

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