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Can you name the location of where Survivor took place each season?

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YearLocation (Nickname)Winner
2000Richard Hatch (4-3)
2001Tina Wesson (4-3)
2001-2002Etahn Zohn (5-2)
2002Vecepia Towery (4-3)
2002Brian Heidik (4-3)
2003Jenna Morasca (6-1)
2003Sandra Diaz-Twine (6-1)
2004Amber Brkich (4-3)
2004Chris Daugherty (5-2)
2005Tom Westman (6-1)
2005Danni Boatwright (6-1)
2006Aras Baskauskas (5-2)
2006Yul Kwon (5-4-0)
2007Earl Cole (9-0-0)
YearLocation (Nickname)Winner
2007Todd Herzog (4-2-1)
2008Parvati Shallow (5-3)
2008Robert 'Bob' Crowley (4-3-0)
2009James 'J.T.' Thomas, Jr. (7-0)
2009Natalie White (7-2-0)
2010Sandra Diaz-Twine (6-3-0)
2010Jud 'Fabio' Birza (5-4-0)
2011Rob Mariano (8-1-0)
2011Sophie Clarke (6-3-0)
2012Kim Spraldin (7-2-0)
2012Denise Stapley (6-1-1)
2013John Cochran (8-0-0)
2013TBD (TBD)

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