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Can you name the castles by their descriptions from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'?

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The main castle in the North where the Stark family has ruled for generations
The castle in King's Landing, where the king of Westeros rules from the Iron Throne
Castle of the Lannisters, very wealthy in gold
A supposedly haunted castle on the God's Eye
Impregnable castle held by the Arryn family
The main remaining stronghold of the Night's Watch
Stronghold of house Bolton
Castle of house Tyrell
Castle of the Karstarks, bannermen to the Starks
Castle on the Trident, home to the Tullys
Castle of house Glover, sworn to the Starks
Castle on an island of the same name, home to the Seastone Chair
A castle much contested by the Boltons and Manderly's, Houses a family of the same name
Seat of House Frey and a very convenient way across the Trident
The old Summer palace of house Targaryen
Ruined stronghold that protects the Starks from any invasion from the south
Stronghold of house Locke, sworn to the Starks
Fortress of house Baratheon
This is the failing castle of the Westerlings
Castle of house Martell and capitol of Dorne
Ancestral seat of house Targaryen placed on a volcanic island

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