Word Ladder: The Office

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Can you name the 4 letter words based on the TV show 'The Office'?

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**Michael Scott's Alter ego - Prison ____**
**Dwight hits Andy's car with a ____ chain**
What the liver produces
**Fake phone call with ____ Buttlicker**
**Actor who plays Deangelo Vickers**
**What Andy punched when Jim pranked him**
The sound babies make
To pause
What you catch fish with
To empty water from a boat
**What Dwight used instead of a chair**
**What Angela is NOT**
A usually made up story
To change an animal from wild to domesticated
What you call yourself by
**Dwight's handyman**
**What Pam leaves on the microwave**
Variant of 'night'
The place or scene of something
**What Dwight dresses up for on Halloween**

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