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Situation Used InPhraseDefinition
Post-Man HugSexually Appropriate
You see a great pass madeThat is quite awesome
A huge dunk is seen A massive dunk and or exclamation of joy
Fourth quarter comebackTime to start trying harder!
'Coach says it's time for bed'Not your mother...
'I gots a scholarship to...'Not Southern Cal
'Prep school wants me yo'He got a tee shirt
'Das a ____ yo!'Overexaggeration of Ability
'Big three is made'A showing of great shooting promise
Situation Used InPhraseDefinition
'What do we do to win this game? ___'A call for excessive defending
'Das Cuff, dat shot was nice'Not wet but...
'That's a squeeze yo, ugly'An almost dunk (See: Pollock)
There's coach, driving his car with the ___ platethe greatest license plate of all time
'I'm good ___'Who really knows what this means.
'Me and my girl, ___, got a restrainin order'Short...hilarious....hilarious...
Will you guys stop making ___ jokes please?The man, the legend

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