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Butane (H3C-CH2-CH2-CH3)The simplest kind of hydrocarbon
3-chlorohexane (H3C-CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2-CH3))Can be used to synthesise a variety of other useful compounds, including the next one along.
Propan-2-ol (CH3-CHOH-CH3)Another handy reagent for synthesising a variety of compounds - one of these is also a popular drink.
Ethene (H2C=CH2)These are used to synthesise a variety of organic compounds, including addition polymers.
Ethanoic acid (H3C-CO-OH)Used on fish and chips
Ethanal (H3C-COH)The name stems from the fact that it's short one hydrogen compared to a certain drink.
Propanone (H3C-CO-CH3)Nail varnish remover.
Ethyl Ethanoate (H3C-CH-O-CO-CH3)Some more complicated examples are used to make fabrics. Also used to soften drinks bottles.
N-propylaminobutane (H3C-CH2-CH2-NH-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3)Proteins are built up from a compound that is simultaneously one of these and one of #5.
Propanenitrile (H3C-CH2-CN)Can be formed by the nucleophilic substitution of a compound like #2
Propanoyl chloride (H3C-CH2-COCl)We could use something like this to make aspirin, although it's generally considered a bad idea.
Ethanoic methanoic anhydride (H3C-CHO-O-OCH)This type of compound is generally more useful in making aspirin

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