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Experimenting with Principles of Traditional Photography: How experimental photography emerged from tradition and the effects the conceptual and aesthetic quality of the art produc
The Nose Knows: Distilling scents from a home garden and researching the connection between smell and memory
Buddhism, Buber, and Bildungsroman, a.k.a. Storytelling and the Search for Self: An Investigation of Literary Characters and Their Readers
Mushroomwave: Application and research for using Mycelium from mushrooms to detoxify and heal the earth, and as a Styrofoam substitute for a Surfboard, among other applications.
Something Rotten: Hip-Hop-Hamlet; combining rap music and Shakespeare.
Are uke kidding me? Building a ukulele and recording a ukulele album
Innovation Day 2012: A day of learning, exploring, and creating
Modern Music Production: Comparing ideas of sampling and composition in contemporary music
Identity through Photography in the Media: Analyzing how an identity is formed, particularly that of an adolescent woman, and the influence of photography in the media
The Staged Folk Tale: Writing an adapted, staged version of a folk tale or myth using original folk underscoring
I-Man: Asthma is not the end of the world
Creating the World's Greatest Athlete: The biomechanics of track and field
Western Literature: The role of setting in the Western and writing a Western novel
Writing Without Knowing How: A Collection of Short Stories
Pop-Up Biology: A textbook catering to visual and hands-on learners
Seeing The World Through Others' Camera Lenses: a study of visual sociology and how it can bring us all closer as humans
The Portrait: An exploration of time and age through the lens of portraiture.
Greengineering and Patagonia: Shared Vision, Common Mission partnership.
Facilitating Communities through the Blimp Network: Building an mobile application
Stand out: Examining how human psychology is used in advertisements to persuade consumers
The Bamboo Bike: Studying biking culture, biking as an alternative mode of transportation and bike-friendly cities, and constructing a bamboo bike
The Gears are not Turning: The lack of critical thinking in our math classrooms
Paper: Documentary films: authentic or fake? Project: Jack & Hatsumi: a documentary film presenting the unique story of my Grandparents.
Promoting Youth Engagement in Education and Education Reform.
Alternative Alternative Energy: Finding green energy in new places
Occupy culture: Studying past social movements through an economic scope to predict where the Occupy movement is headed and to form a connection between economic conditions and soc
Economical and nutritious eating for all: Creating a cookbook of economical, healthy and fast recipes for inner-city families who are short on money and time
Creation, Reaction, Installation: Creating a documentary on public reaction to art surrounding social issues
Screenplay: writing a movie script about love
A Film of Tiny Proportions: Studying B-movies and the importance of low-budget movie making in Hollywood
Empty creation: Building an online lifestyle magazine
Quarter up! Drawing parallels between “Street Fighter,” an online fighting game, and psychological personality theory
'Swerve drive: Building a swerve and drive system while learning about advanced manufacturing and engineering and exploring the effect of robotic technology on society '
The Science, Engineering, and Practicality of Aquaponics: A study of this sustainable food production system and its potential future in advanced and rural societies
Homemade effects: Studying the construction of an electric guitar
Studying queer theory and modern queer life through a phenomenological perspective
Artificial Intelligence: Developing an artificially intelligent program, a program with which a user can “chat”
Creating a guidebook for the Junior Maine Guides.

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