Can You Name All of the Superbowl Champions?

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Can you name the Superbowl Champions?

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Superbowl NumberTeamYear and Location
I1967 - Los Angeles, CA
II1968 - Miami, FL
III1969 - Miami, FL
IV1970 - New Orleans, LA
V1971 - Miami, FL
VI1972 - New Orleans, LA
VII1973 - Los Angeles, CA
VIII1974 - Houston, TX
IX1975 - New Orleans, LA
X1976 - Miami, FL
XI1977 - Pasadena, CA
XII1978 - New Orleans, LA
XIII1979 - Miami, FL
XIV1980 - Pasadena, CA
XV1981 - New Orleans, LA
XVI1982 - Pontiac, MI
XVII1983 - Pasadena, CA
XVIII1984 - Tampa, FL
XIX1985 - Stanford, CA
XX1986 - New Orleans, LA
XXI1987 - Pasadena, CA
XXII1988 - San Diego, CA
XXIII1989 - Miami, FL
Superbowl NumberTeamYear and Location
XXIV1990 - New Orleans, LA
XXV1991 - Tampa, FL
XXVI1992 - Minneapolis, MN
XXVII1993 - Pasadena, CA
XXVIII1994 - Atlanta, GA
XXIX1995 - Miami, FL
XXX1996 - Tempe, AZ
XXXI1997 - New Orleans, LA
XXXII1998 - San Diego, CA
XXXIII1999 - Miami, FL
XXXIV2000 - Atlanta, GA
XXXV2001 - Tampa, FL
XXXVI2002 - New Orleans, LA
XXXVII2003 - San Diego, CA
XXXVIII2004 - Houston, TX
XXXIX2005 - Jacksonville, FL
XL2006 - Detroit, MI
XLI2007 - Miami, FL
XLII2008 - Glendale, AZ
XLIII2009 - Tampa, FL
XLIV2010 - Miami, FL
XLV2011 - Arlington, TX

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