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Can you name the horses who won 2/3 of the triple crown races given these clues?

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ClueName of HorseYear, Races Won
Portuguese jellyfish that delivers a deadly sting, or a powerful British warship in the 17th century1920, Preakness/Belmont
Slang for $20,0001931, Derby/Belmont
In team sports, when one team prevents the opposing team from scoring1942, Derby/Belmont
Word meaning dreamily or wistfully thoughtful, sounds like an object used to review memories in the Harry Potter series1944, Derby/Preakness
Instead of leaves, pine trees have these1956, Derby/Belmont
The capital of Syria1967, Preakness/Belmont
In football, when the ball is thrown in the direction that the offensive team is trying to move1968, Preakness/Belmont
Brother of Gretel in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale1991, Preakness/Belmont

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