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What is Stuart's favourite raptor native to the UK?he loves the flowing chalk downs of Berkshire where this beautiful bird is often seen.
Favourite breed of cattle?loves their jovial nature and muscular physique
Birthday?you know the date
Favourite type of wood (found in sideboards)beautiful colour
Favourite nut?loves it plain
Hometown?where else but the murder capital of victorian england (per unit population)
Brother's catchphrase?easy...
Best sport?he loves the walls of milton keynes
HintsAnswerExtra info
Favourite pirate metal song?there are so many its hard to choose...
3rd favourite type of Cheese?1st emmentaal 2nd gouda No bonus marks!
What is he not a fan of?MOULDY!
Favourite holiday destination?loves how clean it is
Least favourite county of East Anglia?none of his family live there
Which relation of the big man lives in Romania?paternal
Favourite sub-saharan african country?he relishes their tribal culture
Favourite citrus fruit?enjoys its modest nature

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