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Can you name the substance that each of these eaters eats?

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If you were a......you would eat...Examples
Oophagesome shark and other fish embryos
Lepidophagesome fish
Coprophageflies, dung-beetles
Carnivoredog, hawk, shark, jellyfish
Hematophagemosquitoes, ticks, leeches
Vermivoreshrews, moles, hedgehogs
Spongivoreone species of turtle
Myrmecophageechidna, anteater
Molluscivoresome crabs
Herpetivoremongoose, honey badger, snakes
Piscivorebarracuda, sea lion, fish
Mucophageparasites, fish, humans?
Herbivoredeer, geese, tortoise, stegosaurus
Frugivoreorangutan, owl monkeys, some bats
If you were a......you would eat...Examples
Insectivorebats, lizards, spiders
Detritivoreworms, millipedes
Folivoresloths, koalas, giraffe
Granivoremice, parrot, toucan
Geophagecockatoo, macaw, parrot, some humans?
Bacterivoreamoeba, protozoan
Nectarivorebutterfly, hummingbird
Fungivoreslugs, beetles, northern flying squirrel
Omnivorepig, bear, human
Paedophagesome fish
Graminivorecattle, geese, giant panda
Avivoresome birds
Placentophagemost mammals, excluding humans and camels
Palynivorebees, wasps

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