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This is a story all about what?
Will wanted to take a minute he said to sit where?
What was Will going to tell you?
Where was Will born?
Where was Will raised?
Where did Will spend most of his days?
A couple of guys were up to what?
Where did they start making trouble?
How many fights did Will get in to make his mother scared?
What did Will's mother say to him?
What did Will whistle for?
When the cab came near the license plate said what?
What was in the mirror?
If anything what could Will say?
After Will forgot about that what did he call the cabbie?
Then where did Will tell the cabbie to take him?
What time did Will pull up to the house?
What did Will yell to the cabbie befor he left?
After that where did Will look?
Will was finally where?
Will was there to sit where?
Will wanted to sit there as who?

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