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Can you name the dancers who performed the following So You Think You Can Dance routines?

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Forced Order
'Ease on Down the Road' BroadwayTyce Diorio
'Five Guys Named Moe' Group DanceNigel Lythgoe
'Your Ex-Lover Is Dead' ContemporaryTravis Wall
'Dreams Are More Precious' WaltzLouis Van Amstel
'Forever' Hip-HopDave Scott
'Whatever Lola Wants' Argentine TangoAlex Da Silva
Cavemen Hip-HopDave Scott
'Comanche' Group DanceWade Robson
'Heaven' LyricalTovaris Wilson
'I Know You Want Me' Group DanceDmitry Chaplin/Tabitha and Napoleon
'España Cañi' Paso Doble (Season 3)Tony and Melanie
The Frog and the Princess Afro JazzSean Cheesman
'You Make Me Feel' DiscoDoriana Sanchez
The Princes ContemporaryMia Michaels
Romeo and Juliet Pas De DeuxThordal Christensen
'Loving is Really My Game' DiscoDoriana Sanchez
'Hit the Floor' Hip-HopShane Sparks
'Push It' Cha ChaTony and Melanie
'Baila Baila' SambaTony and Melanie
Angels VS Devils JazzWade Robson
'Sexy Love' Hip-HopShane Sparks
'The Plaza of Execution' Paso DobleMary Murphy
'Love Lockdown' Hip-HopTabitha and Napoleon
'Clap Back' KrumpLil' C
Wedding ContemporaryMia Michaels
'España Cañi' Paso Doble (Season 1)Ron Montez
Assasins ContemporaryTravis Wall
'Why Don't You Do Right?' FoxtrotMary Murphy
'Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah' BollywoodNakul Dev Mahajan
'Tore My Heart' ContemporarySonya Tayeh
'Trepak'Youri Nelzine
Vampires ContemporarySonya Tayeh
Hide and Seek Group DanceMia Michaels
Foxes JazzWade Robson
'Blue Danube' Viennese WaltzRon Montez
'Cabaret Hoover' Pop-JazzWade Robson
The Cane DanceMandy Moore
'Lost' ContemporaryMandy Moore
'Ordinary Day' Viennese WaltzJason Gilkison
'2 Much Booty' Hip-Hop (Season 2)Shane Sparks

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