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Halogen group element?
Square of any number between 11 and 19?
Original member of Queen?
Founding member of NATO?
Olympic Host City during 2000 - '10?
Year that a World War started?
Rugby World Cup winner?
Oscars 2011 winner of 3+ awards?
Portable Nintendo gaming console?
Country staring with Z?
Scandinavian capital city?
Type of electromagnetic radiation?
US President or UK Prime Minister during the 1980's?
Name a...Answer
Playing card whose symbol is a letter?
Last part of URL of this quiz?
Main alloying element of brass?
This site?
National language of Switzerland?
Official name of Kyrgyzstan?
Sum of first five digits of pi?
Country of a top ten tallest building?
Primary taxonomic rank?
Tennis Grandslam?
Google logo letter colour?
Prime number between 20 and 30?

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