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Can you name the person who appears first on Google autocomplete?

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Person 1Most FamousPerson 2
Naomi CampbellNaomi Watts
George ClooneyGeorge Washington
Roger ****Roger Federer
Bill CosbyBill Gates
Matthew BroderickMatthew Perry
Jennifer AnistonJennifer Lawrence
Zach BraffZach Galifianakis
Daniel CraigDaniel Day Lewis
John Wilkes BoothJohn Williams
Vincent PriceVincent Van Gogh
Billie Joe ArmstrongBillie Piper
Emma StoneEmma Watson
Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Palin
Person 1Most FamousPerson 2
Wayne BradyWayne Gretzky
Queen ElizabethQuentin Tarantino
Kylie JennerKylie Minogue
Frank OceanFrank Sinatra
Stephen ColbertStephen Hawking
Tom CruiseTom Hardy
Henry FondaHenry Ford
Oscar PistoriusOscar Wilde
Lauren CohanLauren Conrad
Anne BoleynAnne Frank
Imelda MarcosImelda Staunton
Paul McCartneyPaul Rudd
Taylor LautnerTaylor Swift

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